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Happy CLAMP Day!!!

Hey there everyone! Did you have a great CLAMP Day? I know I did! So first of all I'd like to thank CLAMP for being such an inspiration for me and make me want to continue with my art! You are an amazing group of lovely ladies who have created marvelously beautiful works. So many times over you four have made me laugh, cry, angst out, scream because somebody got their eye eaten.. again and most of all, you have made me believe that if you wish hard enough your wish will come true.
All the best for the years to come Nanase, Satsuki, Tsubaki and Mokona~ ^-^ 

As CLAMP's April Fools' joke they created a parallel universe story with all of their characters working at ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD. Also known as April 1st Company. was redesigned for a ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD theme on April 1st in Japan. Throughout the day on their Twitter account was where the joke took place. 

The 'Company' was hiring recruits for 2014, and you were able to ask the 'Company' questions on the CLAMP Twitter account. Here are some that I found to be quite enjoyable to read- 
(in response to a tweet from Megumi Ogata, Yukito’s VA) [President: Sakura Kinomoto] “Hanya~n ♡” [Secretary: Tomoyo Daidouji] “You look lovely, president! Now, let’s capture that on video!”
[Accounting Department: Watanuki] “All expenses must be calculated by the end of the month. Anything later than that will not be accepted, especially not from Doumeki in the Sales Department.”
Oh how I love you Wata-kun!
(in reply to “@ElementWings: I’d like to work as the president’s homework assistant (*´∀`)”) [Secretarial Department: Sakurazuka] “The president not only works very hard at her homework by herself, but also under the guidance of her father Fujitaka-san, so the ‘Helping the President with her Homework Department’ isn’t something that currently exists. Please direct your application to another department.”
(in reply to “ann_k08: Is Subaru-kun working there??”) [Personnel Department] “He’s a member of the general affairs department. His manner is very gentle, and he’s very popular.”
(in reply to “@youe0210: Does Kamui Shirou-kun work there?”) [Personnel Department] “He works at the information desk. At present, he’s being taught by his colleagues Kobato and Kohaku how to smile naturally, and he’s practising every day.”
As you can see in the first picture XD
[Production Department: Ogata] “Director Icchan of the production department appears to have gone missing. If anyone has any knowledge of his whereabouts, please sent them my way. This is very, very troubling.”
(in reply to “@kapiyuzuki10: Please excuse the sudden reply. Is Fuuma Monou working there?”) [Secretarial Department: Kanoe] “He’s a member of the production department. He seems to be good friends with (G7) Sakura-san. However there are some who say he changes somewhat when he puts his glasses on.”
[Security Team: Kurogane] “Planning department. If you want to work overtime, get permission from your boss, and write a draft permission request in advance. Especially you, Fai. Staying behind of your own accord, hiding yourself at the planning department desk during patrol rounds then scaring the late-night patrol guard is something that you’re gonna stop doing without fail. With. out. fail.
You can't spell Fail without Fai! That had to be my favorite; Fai you are such a dorkenburger XD 
(in reply to “@syaclamp_401: Incidentally, where is Yuui-san working?”) [Personnel Department] “He’s in charge of the staff canteen. He’s especially well-known for his delicious Italian food. We also have Kotori-san, Chikahito-san, Rikuou-san, Ueda-san and others bringing us delicious food and desserts every day.”

If you really know me I absolutely LOVE reading fanfics about what Fei Wang, Xing Hou and Dr. Kyle do in their off time when their not being evil. JuliaZeeGreat could always make me laugh when it came to that. So when I saw this I almost broke out in tears. I love this illustration sooooo much!!! CLAMP you made my whole year with this one! Pokey looks adorable, butt-chin and all!
Here are two Tweets after this picture was posted-
(in reply to “@suzu_NR: What does FWR’s company do?”) [Management Strategy Office: Satsuki] “They’re a sweets company. They’re particularly renowned for their castella cake.”
(in reply to “@suzu_NR: Who else works at Fei Wang’s company?”) [Secretarial Department: Daidouji] “There is a secretary there called Xing Huo.”

Only Yuko~

Oh Masamune! For some reason he very much reminds me of Ciel, but a smart ass Ceil ha ha

How sweet!
Once April 1st had ended in Japan, CLAMP-net was again temporarily shut down and will return again in May. I can't wait to see what they have planned!
As for me and the Anime Club, we had our very own CLAMP Day party.

Our cake sure did improve since our first CLAMP party cake ha ha.

We had so many people show up this year we barely had enough cake. I was able to make a short CLAMP speech and then we watched Angelic Layer while shoving our face holes with this delicious cake! It was defiantly a CLAMP Day to remember!
I was also finally able to watch more of the xxxHolic Drama. So another pretty fail episode with 4- Angel.

The episode starts with one of Himawari's friends freaking out and cutting 'help me' into her skin. Due to the friend playing Angel she had began to act strange Himawari tells. After talking to Yuko about it, Watanuki decides to help the friend, but quickly gets his ass handed to him. Doumeki comes to the rescue with another one of his energy arrows he was able to generate from a bracelet Yuko gave him.

Once the creepy ghost girls are destroyed and the friend returns to normal, Watanuki returns to Yuko's shop where she tells him that she hopes he works for her as long as he can.

Honestly, right now, I think I only watch the show for Doumeki. He is a hot sweetie-pie!
After finally completing Himawari's request, Doumeki asks her to make him a cake. Of couarse she agrees and Watanuki yells at him causing Himawari to calm him by holding his hands. Probably the best part of the whole episode and Doumekis' expressions at this part are priceless.
Now episode 5- Hydrangea, was actually very enjoyable. From the very start, this episode put a big smile on my face seeing Watanuki help Himawari make a cake.

Ame-Warashi was.. odd I guess is the best way to put it, but it worked.

As in the anime and manga, Watanuki is sucked into the Hydrangea, but is instead taken to a doctors office.

I really liked this concept a lot.
Once in the office the little girl trapped in the Hydrangea is being called into another room, but doesn't want to go until Watanuki tells her that he'll go with her. However she is then lead into another room shortly after speaking with the doctor. In this room she is trying to be strapped down by the doctor and nurse.   

When Watanuki realizes the doctor is a spirit, he tries to stop them by grabbing a surgical tool, cutting the doctor and running off with the girl. Shortly after running a bit, they are stopped by the doctor and nurse. The doctor explains how the girls mother killed her... and Watanuki has another stupid flashback... Meanwhile, Yuko tells Himawari that she can save Watanuki with her 'power'.
After running away again and being stopped again, Himawari's hair lace appears and Watanuki and the girl are able to escape. 

The ending of this episode was particularly interesting though. When Watanuki returns to the shop he tells Yuko that he wants to use his ability to see spirits to help people like he helped the little girl. Yuko says that if he dose that, he will no longer have a wish and thus no reason to be in the shop. With that Yuko and the shop disappears...
Pretty excited to see the next episode now!
Finally I would like to say Happy Birthday to three very special characters that I treasure so dearly. Happy Birthday Syaoran, Sakura and Watanuki!!! 
Thanks for reading and Happy CLAMP Night, or Day if it's still day where you are!

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